Sunday, October 19, 2008

I am really getting the hang of blogging ! Is that a word blogging ? Anyways the news for this weekend is a bit of this and that. Saturday morning is mostly a rush. Mishka has her play activity, Top Tots class. Here she is waiting for me, while I pack her bag.

Class is as usual quite eventful with Mishka skipping and hopping around. This Saturday she decides that she wants to perform her activities with the teacher, so mamma was left to her lonesome.

We got back from class and went straight into a list of repetitive questions, Where's dada mamma? What yooouu doing Peter? And of course the answers follows, I think so dada's coming home mamma, Peter, you washing dada's car!

The afternoon was spent cleaning up and then we were off to the house. To take a walk through to finalise the lights. Mishka had so much fun running around the house and we are just so amazed and how far we have come. Can you believe that it all started in February with a piece of ground.

After our trip to the house, I went to mass at 17h30 and on my way home got caught in our first real down pour in months. It was wonderful.

Eskom greeted us on Sunday morning at 18h30 we a cut of the electricity. The second time this week we heard from Eskom. It wasn't pleasant but at least it is not cold anymore and we got ready for the party and off we went.

Here is Mishka at the party...

In the sand pit

Singing happy birthday to Bhavani

Mishka was quite exhausted after the heavy day of playing that she had a nap in the afternoon and when she got up she simply asked for her nana and went back to bed.


FunkySharlz said...

You really are on the go now with the blogging - I think it is a word nowadays. The house is really almost done, hey? It looks really good. And nunu looks like's she's so much bigger than when I saw her :-(

FunkySharlz said...

I'm missing you guys please post something? We want to buy a web cam this weekend so that we can skype you with video too.