Saturday, November 8, 2008

This week started off with some hectic work and lots of pressure. For the most part I spent trying to catch up on stuff, all the while feeling like I was getting no where. The song “You’re on a road to no where…” really sums it all up. But nevertheless it sort of ended up a hectic weekend, which is always nice because then I felt that the week of work was all worth it.

Saturday was Mishka at Top Tots, but Sundesh took her as we are now taking turns. It leaves me to get a few errands done and to clean up the disasters of the morning. I went for a long overdue haircut and that where I saw my good old pals Anthea and Brigitte – the ladies that make me feel good, not sure if the hair cut and bits and bobs make me look good yet … Anyways I dashed off to the shops and had to get back in time for Mishka’s lunch and get her ready for Alaycia’s party. That was a 2pm, just down the road really.

The Sharks and the Bulls were in the Currie Cup final and when I got to Centurion I was really feeling a lot out of place. Not because I am an Indian in a predominantly white area. Well that too, but really because it was a sea of blue. I had on a green t-shirt. Every person, man woman and child and very small babies had donned their Blou Bulle jean pant and t-shirts. Well the saying is that their their blood is blue. Everything was blue. Every bakkie, car and street corner few their blue bulls flags high.

Well Mishka wore here Sharks kit and her she is reading a new book I bought for her at the shops.

The afternoon came quickly, the Sharks clothes went with us to the party and of course Dada got his gear on as well.

It was Alaycia’s first birthday. Nunu looked like the tallest 2 year old there. She really enjoyed herself in the castle, the doll’s house and on the ball. Dada enjoyed himself as well as you can see. How he manages to get into the office really baffles me.

The party was fantastic, but got a bit wet because there was a thunder storm with lots of hail. It didn’t last too long but the kids had to stay inside…. Mishka made a few friends ! She is too cute. And of course, the Sharks won the Currie Cup… Wonder what people in Centurion had done with those t-shirts … jean pant I think that they may still be wearing them.

Sunday was a relaxing day… chores and well more chores. At least now I have a little helper. Here is Mishka at the sink, washing dishes… She says to me “Mamma, I wanna yinse (rinse) it! She is always yinsing things, even the toothpaste. She takes the clean dishes off the rack and yinses them… very dirty mamma, very dirty.

It was a bit of dull day, but we managed to get quite a lot done. We went off to Fordsburg to sort out our packaging for Tuesday and to pick up the sweetmeats from Shalimars. Fordsburg was such a buzz. All the shops were open and of course lots of buying.

The week of the 26th of October 2008 was a quick one. Monday night was spent baking. Once again had a helper… this time Sundesh. We finished at 2am. So tired and exhausted. Luckily I took the day off on Tuesday, religious holiday. And after Tuesday day at home, I spent all day on Wednesday wondering why didn’t two days off.

We got dressed and went to finalise the lighting for the new house. Mishka was adorable. Here she is in her lovely white Punjabi.

The afternoon was spent chilling at home. Mishka just didn’t want to go to bed. Here she is feeding her Poolinaah (Paulinah). Her baba has her own bokkle (bottle), but only takes 3-4 scoops of milk. By the way Paulinah drinks NIDO too.

We celebrated Diwali with some fireworks and lit a few clay lamps. The fireworks were great, fountains and showers…. The quiet ones you know and a few sparkles. Mishka and I really enjoyed them. It made me feel like being at home in Verulam.

I am really missing Sharlene nowadays. No one really to talk to. And it was Daddy’s nine year death anniversary. Mum placed the poems in the paper, I haven’t seen them yet. Mine was done at the last minute, late Sunday night and smsed through.

The week came and went with a few firework bangs. The news had it as the week from hell , it was diwali, guys fawkes and Halloween and well all these come with lots of fireworks and loud bangs. The usual controversy and debates featured in the news, on the radio and the normal chat around the office.

Saturday, 1 November 2008

Mishka and I went to class and had a really relaxing class. We came back all hot and bothered, it is really getting hot here. So I decided that some cool yoghurt would be just great, Mishka thought otherwise. All she did was swirl it around and play. A lot ended up on the floor and the clean floors that Rosina left behind on Friday was quickly a thing of the past.

Too hot to play outside all day on Saturday, so we only ventured out after 4pm. But first a wash of that long, long hair. At least we not having that struggle anymore of the water on the hair and the soap and the yinsing… now we are actually enjoying it. Its just the drying that takes a bit of time. We dried it in the Sunday and her is the fun of it all. Mishka in the garden.

I often wondered what little kids saw in those annoying black motorcycles…. Well Mishka hasn’t really taken to hers as yet. I think that story is one still to come.

Sunday morning was church for Nunu and I. Sundesh went off to golf. I must say that Mishka’s voice can really echo… but one really starts to appreciate the extent of the echo when you are at Sunday morning mass. As usual before we could even say the opening prayers the request for nana and wawa was in…. I think that she has now become conditioned…. When I finally managed to get wawa out of the bag and into her hands, there was a big hooyay. Loud enough to get the heads turning. But my moment of the week was when we got back from the communion line, she promptly (and loudly might I add) said to me, Let’s go home , I wanna watch Barney!

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